TickTok Ads

Who should market on TikTok?

  • Visual brands
  • Food & beverage brands
  • Fashion
  • Experience brands (VR, etc.)
  • Hair Products
  • Coaches / councilors / mentors
  • Personal care – City wide only
  • Real estate
  • Mortgage advisors
  • Crypto/ alternative finance

What do they get from TikTok ads

  • Access to an active pool of users
  • Over 1 billion active monthly users
  • More and more “adults” are joining Tiktok
  • Predictability in the funnel
  • Tiktok inspires users to “shop”
  • Users highly likely to spend/ make purchases – 2.3bn spent in 2021 in the app
  • Clients booking direct
  • Control of growth

TikTok Ads

Lead Generation

Tiktok Ads - Why this fast growing platform needs to be a part of your marketing mix

Tiktok is currently the fastest growing social media platform.

It’s a common misconception that Tiktok has a very young user base, and therefore isn’t a profitable avenue for brands to invest their time and money. Users on Tiktok are highly engaged and highly likely to spend.

As the user base continues to age, and a more mature audience continues to join the platform, Tiktok should be part of any business’ marketing arsenal.

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