Our Team

Behind our clients success and our growth is our team. Our team of passionate experts are here to make your business goals a reality
Steven Haggerty - Growleady - Co-Founder

Steven Haggerty


Having started his first business in his teens Steven has always had a passion for starting and growing businesses. In recent years he focused on growing a successful business coaching firm helping Founders on improving their growth rate but also the key leadership skills that are needed in a fast paced environment.

Nick Mayhew


Similar to Steven, Nick has been operating businesses for a number of years, running a hugely successful commercial finance brokerage using cold outreach techniques to grow it to what it is today. Nick enjoys figuring out the technical aspects of how things work and seeing how Growleady can do it better than the rest.


Head of operations

Dan joined Growleady early on in the journey and quickly became an asset to the team. Dan is the man who ensures that the campaigns are at peak performance. He has been known to put a one man band guitar show on the team slack channel for special occasions.


Data Genius

Data is one our most important aspects of the business, with that we needed someone who can look at data in a different way. Lucky Ezra joined the team and became our data genius.


Linkedin Boss

Julie joined Growleady to handle our Linkedin outreach strategies, with her past experience and motivations Julie quickly make her skillset apparent. She is always making sure we stay on top of the Linkedin trends to ensure we perform at our best for our clients.


Email handler

Ann joined Growleady to ensure our clients get all the leads that we are creating for them. When we first looked for an email handler we wern’t too sure what to expect but when Ann joined and took the role she made it her own. Now the email management is possible the best in the industry (but we would say that)